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Lørdag d. 18. januar 2003

Danske Sportsjournalister

Official Invitation

The Sports Association of Journalists of Republic of Moldova
"MEDIA SPORT", National Olympic Committee of Republic of Moldova
and Chisinau City Hall have honor to inform you that International
Football and Footsall Tournament among the journalists will take
plase from the 19 till the 23 June 2003 in Chisinau.

With a view to propagandize and develop the sports, particularly
football among the journalists of different countries of the world
as well as for mutual beneficial collaboration between colleagues-
journalists, we invite a team of journalists of your country to
take part in the football tournament (19-23 June 2003, Chisinau).
Some countries have already confirmed their stay in the capital
of Moldova. The official invitation has been sent to the journalists
of more than 15 countries: Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Austria,
Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Greece,
Azerbaijan, Armenia, France, etc.

To attract the fans'attention, each team of the journalists has the
right to include in its composition 2 professional players (ex
football stars) aged not more than 40 years.

The participation fee (competition, BB (room and breakfast) in
"National" Hotel **** in the city center, after football matches -
cocktail parties, transportation durung the tournament, trips to
Cricova wine cellars and other places of interest of the country,
prizes, presents, souvenirs, banquet, etc.) is 180 EURO per person
for the whole period of the tournament.

If this information is of any interest to you, please confirm your
participation in the tournament and inform of the exact number of
members of your delegation till March 25, 2003.

The tournament terms:

June 19, - arrival of the participating teams

June 20,21,22, - the football matches

June 23, - departure of the participating teams

You may receive the additional information at the following address
and telephone:

Telephone: ++ (3732) 76-42-93, ++ (3739) 17-88-00.

Fax: ++ (3732) 23-27-95, ++ (3732) 23-86-18.

E-mail: design@mv.net.md

We are looking forward to your messages and hope to collaborate
with you.

Sincerely yours,

President "MEDIA SPORT"

Eduard Ciobanu

P.S. We would consider with much an opportunity to play two friendly
matches (visit and home matches) wit the team of journalists of your
country this year.