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Statistik fra rsssf

Torsdag d. 18. november 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Have a look at this remarkable series for KB (Kjøbenhavns Boldklub) some 50
years ago:

Season Ranking

1947-48 Champions with a margin of 4 points (runner-up: BK Frem)
1948-49 Champions - - - - 5 - (- - : AB)
1949-50 Champions - - - - 1 point (- - : AB)
1950-51 Relegated to Division 2, ranked 10 out of 10 (Champion: AB)
1951-52 Won 2nd Division with a margin of 5 points (Champion: AB)
1952-53 Champions with a margin of 7 points (runner-up: SK Randers Freja)

It has always been one of our favorites to find out, what went wrong in that
1950-51 season, and we have therefore published the following documents:

a) http://elbech.server101.com/champion/den51.html (round-by-round)

b) http://elbech.server101.com/champion/den51c.html (chronologically)

a) is the typical write-up of a season, however, due to lot of postponements
and rescheduled matches, we found it worthwhile to have a chronological
work-through of the season.

It turns out that KB the entire season was close to relegation. It has to be
said that at this time, only 1 (out of 10) teams was relegated and that
table rankings were done by goal average, i.e. (Goals for) divided by (Goals

But, only on the very last, ordinary Match Day, May 6, KB was relegated
after a 0-2 loss away to BK Frem. KB's goalscore was 24-25, or just
negative, which however had no influence as Esbjerg fB and B 1909 in 8th and
9th positions both had 2 points more than KB.

Noteworthy is that OB - prior to KB's final match - was in grave danger of
being relegated, due to a very bad goal average.

Actually, OB's series in the 1950-51 season is quite remarkable as well. Not
only was OB close to relegation as stated above, on May 2 OB was ranked
10th, in the Relegation spot. Only 18 days later, on May 20, the very day
the season ended, and now with OB as runners-up to AB's Champions!

Almost unbelievably that OB finished 2nd, 1 point ahead of AGF and Køge BK
in 3rd and 4th position, and only 5 points ahead of KB. Noteworthy is OB's
goalscore: 19-26, which translates into a goal average of 0.73, the worst of
all 10 teams.

This season must rank among the very curious in Danish Soccer History, and
we will of course keep you informed as we progress with uncovering more
trivia from the Domestic Championships.

Best regards,


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