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Årets spiller

Onsdag d. 1. december 1999

Om få dage udpeges årets fodboldspiller i Europa.

Det kunne blive ham her:

Full name: Vitor Barbosa Ferreira
Shirt name: Rivaldo
Shirt number: 11
Nationality: Brazilian
Position: Creative midfielder/Left winger
Birth Date: 19.04.1972
Birth Place: Recife [Brazil]
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 75kg
Transfered from: Deportivo de la Coruña

Description: The brazilian wizard. After the disapointing sale of Ronaldo to Internazionale, he has been the great purchase of last season for $30 million. With that price-tag there was some unsertainity whether he could deliver the goods, but what a marvelous first season he had at the club. Rivaldo scored 18 goals in the spanish league in his debut campain for Barcelona, being one of the most important reasons why Barça secured victory in the league.

His favorite position is creative midfield, the traditional #10 position, where he can be the driving force in a team´s build up play, but currently Luis Enrique is preferred in that position by van Gaal. So he plays left wing and during the games exchanges positions with Cocu in midfield, where his abilities seem to be used more effectively.

Rivaldo posseses supreme technique and he uses it. He isn´t affraid to take a player on and has got pace and impressive acceleration, which is so important in modern football. His dribbling abilities are a wonder to watch, because of his flair and quickness in movements. The ball seems like glued to his foot. He likes to make long run forward towards the opposition´s waiting defenders and when he has taken one on and passed him, he does not stop, but marches on and the next one on and the next and the next.

Unlike most other offensively minded brazilian midfielders and forwards, he isn´t affraid to play pfysically and chalenge his opponents. Has a bag of tricks and likes to show them. Although they some times aren´t the most efficient thing to do, the public loves them.

Rivaldo has got a powerful and precise long range shot, which he practices four or five times in every match from all kinds of positions. He uses almost every chance there is from the distance to shoot on the goal.
He provides the unexpected. His goals are often very spectacular and have got a great variety from impressive long range shots to the bicycle-kick, dribbling in the little field and scoring with his heal. He can score with his head and is deadly in dead ball situations, when firing hard and precise free kicks that hava fooled the most experienced goalkeepers. Rivaldo uses almost only his left foot. His right is the foot he uses to stand on. Is also often the next-to-last man before the ball goes into the net and there are many great Barcelona assists that wear his signature.

He and Figo are definitly the two best dribblers in the team and belong to the world elite in their field. His defensive abilities are somewhat lacking and he has a tendensy to relax and drop out of the game, when Barcelona aren´t on the ball.

Rivaldo is one of the few players in the brazilian national team that has survived the change in player selection after the team´s [relative] disappointment in the World Cup, where he made a good figure in the role of the play-maker. In my books, he is the worlds greatest midfielder, better than Zidane any day.(except at the world cup final) Last season he finshed second in La Liga in scoring coming in just one behind Raul.

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