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Ny hjemmeside i UEPS

Tirsdag d. 13. december 2005

Dear collegues,

The official U.E.P.S. web site has been on line to your service from June.
Our site is: ueps-media.com

Last news, Press releases, deadlines, useful information, are provided. You can also be informed, about the last news for the next World Cup in special section (directly from the central Press Office in Frankfurt) and about our Congress which takes place in Dublin next April.
We ask you for news from your associations and information about your activities. Let me know whether you wish to connect your site with UEPS web-site. For more details, communicate with our contact point in our web-site or with me, via e-mail: flyingreporter@yahoo.gr

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best Regards

Yannis Daras