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EM-succes på Internet

Tirsdag d. 11. juli 2000

The Euro 2000 Website received
more than a billion visits during the championships, making it
one of the most popular sites ever, the company running the site
said on Monday.
U.S. Internet services and Web hosting firm PSINet
said the daily record of 74 million hits was for Monday June 12,
when Germany played Romania and England took on Portugal.
The www.euro2000.org site served the month-long
championships wich were hosted by Belgium and the Netherlands
and won by France on July 3.
Next week official statistics should show if the Wimbledon
tennis website www.wimbledon.org has broken any records.
It held the record last year for visits per minute --
peaking at more than 400,000 -- but lost the crown later in the
year when U.S. officials posted details of the Bill
Clinton-Monica Lewinsky hearings on the Net.
PSINet said 74 percent of Euro 2000's hits were on
English-language sites, compared with 8.1 percent for German and
7.8 percent for French.