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VM-pressefolk i nødlanding i Johannesburg

Onsdag d. 16. juni 2010

JOHANNESBURG, June 14, 2010 - A group of World Cup media is thanking its lucky stars following an incident when a charter plane on its way to yesterday's Slovenia - Algeria match in Polokwane made an emergency landing at a north-west Johannesburg airport.

Media reports say all on board including 14 passengers, among them a large Al-Jazeera contingent and 2 aircrew, escaped unharmed after the pilot noticed one of the undercarriage wheels was not functioning correctly. The pilot circled for an hour and then landed the plane on its belly at Lanseria airport.

Executive director of Al-Jazeera for Southern Africa, Thembisa Fakude told AFP his team was safe and none were injured. Fakude said they were able to find alternate transport to the match which involved the only Arab team in the tournament. Slovenia won the game 1-0.

Al-Jazeera TV presenter and commentator George Abou Fayssal told AIPS none of those on board were willing to talk about the incident.