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Hilsen fra AIPS

Fredag d. 19. januar 2001

To the AIPS Member Organisations

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) is one of the most
important multi-sport organisations after the Olympics. FISU supervises and
organises both the Summer and the Winter Universiades every two years along
with the World University Championships every other year. These games bring
together the best university athletes in the world.

This year, the Polish city of Zakopane will host the first Winter
Universiade of the millenium from February 7th to 17th and Beijing, The
People's Republic of China will host the Summer Universiade from August 22nd
to September 1st. For the first time ever, daily video clips of the Zakopane
competitions will be broadcasted over the internet on www.fisu.net
throughout the eleven day event.

If your organisation is interested in receiving press releases of these and
future Universiades and Championships please complete and return the short
questionnaire below.

If you are not interested in receiving this information would you please check off the
appropriate box and return this form to us.

Yours truly,

Christian Pierre
FISU Media Department

Questionnaire - Please select your choice

O Please send me ALL your press releases of the Universiades & World University Championships






Special interests

O Our Organisation is NOT interested in the FISU press releases. Please remove us from the FISU press list.

PLEASE RETURN MAIL TO: fisu.media@ulb.ac.be

or fax to: ++32.2.640.18.05