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AIPS-møde i svømning

Onsdag d. 4. juli 2001

Budapest, 4th July, 2001

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the AIPS Swimming Commission will hold its
election meeting 24 July, 2001
after the swimming morning heats , approximately at 12 o'clock. We will
at the Fukuoka Messe Centre, the venue for swimming, by the Press

We propose the following agenda :

? Report by the Chairman
? Report by the Secretary
? Report on the Fukuoka World Championships (by the Commission)
? Elections of the new Commission (members, secretary, chairperson)
? Other items

The election is subject to the Statutes of the AIPS for Specialist
Every commission shall be managed by a Commission Bureau of a maximum nine
members, including a Chairman, one or more Vice-Chairmen and a Secretary. A
delegate of the photographers must appear in every bureau of the sport
commissions. The members of the Bureau shall be elected for a term of four
years by the journalists, who are specialized in their relevant sport or
professional activity and AIPS card holders.

The candidates must present a written authorization of their respective
Sports Journalists Associations, which can also nominate its delegate to
the Commission.

Every Commission must include at least one delegate from every continent.

The associations are requested to send their candidates for the election of
the Commission in written latest July 12, 2001 by fax or e-mail to the
Commission's Chairman (fax number: +39-045-577-549, e-mail:
monnuoto@tin.it). Please also send a copy to the AIPS Secretariat (fax:
+36 1 3533807, e-mail: aips@mail.matav.hu)

Camillo Cametti
Chairman of the Swimming Committee