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Samarbejde for fotografer

Fredag d. 19. oktober 2001

  We are a spanish football magazine called Don Balón, placed in Barcelona. Our
  issue was founded in the 70´s and we have a large and acknowledged prestigious around
  the world.
  Don Balón have a big net of photographers to cover the world football events.
 Nowadays, we are looking for new photographers who wants to collaborate with our
  We really apreciate if you can provide us the name and personal datas of any
 football photographer of your country to contact him directly. You can answer to this
 mail address: foto@donbalon.org or by fax to: 0034 93 2414017. Thank you very much.
  Hope to hear from you soon,

 Best regards,

 Nuria Launes     
 Don Balón Magazine