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Jagten på historien

Lørdag d. 28. august 1999

From RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Hi all

>I have read somewhere that a fourth player (Borchhorst) was nominated for
>the game, but had to stay home because he was sick. I think it was a book
>written by the former DBU employee Frits Ahlstrøm.

You're right that Frits Ahlstrøm's "Guinness Fodbold Bog 1991", p. 118
mentions that Borchhorst had been selected too. So does Gandil (1937).

However, when we evaluated the gathered information, we concluded that
Borchhorst could not have been originally selected:

He is listed as having played for KB (Kjøbenhavns Boldklub). In our reseach,
we have not been able to track him down in KB's anniversary litterature. In
1926 (50th anniversary), KB only mentions the 4 players representing the
club in 1897, and in the book's listing of famous players from the 1890s, he
is not mentioned either.

In Gandil's book, there is a section on KB also. Again, only the 4 players
representing KB are mentioned, and there are no signs of Borchhorst.

Researching Fodbold-Turneringen 1889-1903, we know that he played forward in
the matches AB 0-1 KB on November 6, 1898 and KB 5-0 ØB on November 13, 1898
(spelled as Borckhorst). However, nowhere is Borchhorst mentioned
particularly for his playing skills, why we beleive that he was never

The picture of the team which you can see from the document itself, actually
has Borchhorst in it. He is standing, 3rd from left, dressed in civilian
clothes. If he was selected to play, and went to Hamburg with the team, why
should he not play then? (On the other hand, what was his role in Hamburg,

Most likely, we will find additional information regarding this match,
whenever we include yet another source. If it so happens that we find proof
of Borchhorst's selection, we shall alter the document, and inform this list

Please note, that we have added the return match in Copenhagen to conclude
the historic-statistical story about DBU's 1st international Selections in
1897 and 1898.

The document is found here:

Best regards,

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