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Konference i Odense

Torsdag d. 13. juni 2002


The conference "Doping and Public Policy” is being organized by the provisional steering committee of the recently founded International Network for Humanistic Doping Research. We hereby invite you to attend the conference in Odense, University of Sourthern Denmark, on 20-21 June 2002.

The aim of the International Network is to employ the various methods of the humanities and the social sciences to enhance our understanding of the doping phenomenon in the modern world. This research encompasses the various uses of "legitimate" drugs that have achieved social acceptance as well as more controversial drugs that are used by significant numbers of people.

This approach to the doping phenomenon both includes and transcends the use of drugs by athletes. Our objective is to study the pharmacological landscape in its entirety.

Learn all details about the conference and how to enrol. Please visit our website:


Best regards from the organizing committee

Prof. John Hoberman, University of Texas, USA
Privatdozent Dr. paed. habil. Giselher W. Spitzer, University of Potsdam, Germany
Dr. Verner Møller, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark