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Statistik fra rsssf

Fredag d. 29. oktober 1999

RSSSF Denmark - http://www.rsssf.dk/

Dear List Members,

Last week we informed you that we had finalised the inaugural edition of the
Danish Domestic Cup (1954-55). As it happens, we have now made public the
2nd edition, 1955-56, which you'll be able to access here:

A couple of interesting remarks which we noted during reseach:

The Final was originally scheduled to be played on May 21st, 1956. However,
after having agreed to an International against the Soviet Union in Moscow
on May 23rd, DBU rescheduled the match for June 2nd.

The Final's single goal scorer, btw, is the brother of BK Frem's goalkeeper.

In round 4, the match Næstved IF vs. AaB is replayed following NIF's protest
after AaB had used the same player twice in a penalty shoot-out.

The semifinal BK Frem vs. AGF in most non-contemporary sources is noted with
a 4-2 win for BK Frem. However, all contemporary newpapers we used in our
reseach confirm a result of 3-1, some even with a lengthy description of how
the match was played.

Please note that all information in italics still is pending a thorough
cross-checking and that some club names need to be fully validated (full
names, that is).

Best regards,

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